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The Comedy Focus

Are ads still amusing? Can campaigns compete with comedians? We speak to the freshest, finest and funniest minds of the industry to get a grip on gags.


Chaka Sobhani: The Way I See It

Now Global CCO at Leo Burnett, Chaka Sobhani spent over 10 years as a filmmaker and in TV, where she set up ITV Creative and worked on content for shows ranging from The X Factor to Downton Abbey. Moving into advertising she’s worked on award-winning campaigns for McDonalds, Boots, Coca Cola, Samsung and more. She talked to shots about Corrie, comedy and Cleopatra.


How Vedran Rupic created a holy trilogy of surreality

Through three distinctive music videos for Bosnian-Swedish DJ Salvatore Ganacci, director Vedran Rupic has honed an artist persona that is shocking, unique and undeniably hilarious. Here, in his own words, he describes how each film came together, and why a childhood friendship resulted in the ultimate MV muse.


Creative Correspondence: Traktor and Rick Russell

From belligerent bellies to cheesed-off chickens, from Super Bowl chart-toppers to promo perfection, editor Rick Russell and directing supremos Traktor have had a long and fruitful working relationship, one which often tickles our collective funny bone. Here they talk about their methods, how they stay on top, and why their partnership works.


The Way I See It: Tim Godsall

Internationally renowned for his comedic, character-driven commercials, Anonymous Content director Tim Godsall has produced high-profile, awards-laden spots for brands including Axe, Old Spice, Southern Comfort, Xbox and many others. Here he shares stories of breakfast chocolate, a David Kolbusz T-shirt mix-up and a surprising celebrity-in-the-bathroom situation.

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