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The Taboo Focus

From the 'unsettling' menopause to 'unmentionable' menstruation, taboos exist all around us. But breaking them often moves us forward, and advertising has an important part to play...


How to eat a human

In terms of taboo, chowing down on one's own species leaves a nasty taste in the mouth. The Swedish Food Federation's mockumentary, Eat A Swede, justly deserved this year's Cannes Grand Prix win (Entertainment category) for its exploration of putting homo sapiens on the menu. Here, Adrian Botan, McCann Europe CCO and ECD/producer Markus Ahlm, reveal the ingredients behind the campaign.


Sorcery and success – tackling the taboo of menopause

What is it about female maturity that so unsettles society and the world of advertising? Carol Cooper speaks to a range of industry and professional women about the hot topic of hot flushes and other curses.


How Anouk Jans and Togetherr burst the industry bubble

As part of our Taboo Focus, we speak to the people behind the Cannes-premiered convention-questioning documentary, Kill Your Darlings, about why now was the time to challenge advertising's modus operandi.


Exploring identity in the metaverse

As the metaverse expands, so do the possibilities for self-expression. Yuliana Safari, Associate Director, Marketing at R/GA, argues that, if the metaverse truly becomes a utopia of self-expression, not only will taboos be broken in this nascent reality, they will transcend to the real world, helping to create meaningful progress.


How to add purpose and break taboos

Can every brand reap benefits from jumping on the purpose-led bandwagon and promoting their products as sustainable, social, or particularly zeitgeisty? Here, Maren Seitz, Senior Director of analytics solutions provider Analytic Partners, shares her thoughts on the effectiveness of purpose-driven marketing campaigns and the potential pitfalls brands need to look out for.

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