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The New Talent Focus

Who are the breakthrough stars of tomorrow? What can companies do to bring in voices that need to be heard? The industry speaks on the discovery and nurturing of aspiring auteurs.


Poetry in motion

Fuelled by an immense imagination, multi-faceted creative Caleb Femi unites words and visuals to magical effect, effortlessly moving from page to screen and back again with a body of work that spans poetry, short films, commercials, TV and even a live catwalk show. Whatever the field, he tells Selena Schleh, the story remains his north star.


The power of mentorships: coupling up for creativity

New talent needs to be given every opportunity to thrive and succeed and one way of ensuring that is through mentorship schemes. Tim Cumming talks to mentors and mentees about learning their craft, absorbing inspiration and unleashing their talent.


Advertising’s got talent

Tim Cumming talks to a range of producers and curators about the new routes that up-and-coming directorial talent are now taking into the industry.


The democratisation of production: why access can’t replace experience

Dalia Burde, Founder/Executive Producer at Avocados and Coconuts, argues that encouraging new talent to get the most out of their ability is crucial, but the difference between opportunity and exploitation can be a fine line.

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