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The Future Focus

Covid wasn't the only thing to rock the world in 2020, so, with an opportunity to change things for the better in the coming years, we look at what lies ahead.


What the rise of Gen Z means for advertising

Millennials are so last century; now is the time of the Gen Zers. But who are they and what do they want? The Moon Unit tracks what defines this new generation of consumers, examines their interests and explains why advertising needs to change if it has any hope of keeping their attention.


Shock ‘n’ troll: Is moral outrage stifling creativity?

Ever since Gutenberg invented the printing press, people have vented their spleens. Now, with huge social media reach at our fingertips, amplified by clickbait-chasing media, public opinion has the power to pull down brands in hours. But if the best creative ideas always polarise, when does healthy debate become something more sinister? Selena Schleh investigates.


How to... maintain safe shoots through an ongoing pandemic

Karim Naceur, Global Head of TV Production at BETC, tells us how to keep going amid the global pandemic, what changes need to be made to keep everyone safe and what the future of production will look like in a post-coronavirus world.


The future of brand experience is found in the metaverse

If you can't go to the event, then the event needs to come to you. In a year during which live entertainment became almost non-existent. Daniel Hemsley, Managing Director at Swamp Motel, reminds us that there's another world out there, and it's one we can all visit.

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