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The Animation Focus

With an industry looking for alternative ways to produce content, we speak to some of animation's top creators and supporters to find out how to toon in.


On Reflection: When Chipotle went Back To The Start

In his own words, Nexus Studios' Johnny Kelly, the director behind Chipotle's stop-motion Grand Prix winner that made pig farming utterly adorable, tells us how the little ad that could became the mega-spot that did.


Animation: drawing inspiration from isolation

The art of creating moving drawings has long offered storytelling freedoms, but now, with live-action limited, and new tech speeding up production pipelines, is it more in demand than ever? Carol Cooper explores the animation liberation.


How to... build a LEGO car chase

Last week saw the release of a new, high-octane LEGO spot. Here, the director, producer and VFX Supervisor give detailed insight into how they created 'The Fast and the Furious on a kitchen floor'.


The Animation Focus

From cel-drawn to AI-enhanced, we collect together our chats with the creators behind the finest ‘toons of the past few years in this month’s Animation Focus.

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