What's your self-isolation set-up at the moment?

We have been home for 45 days, self-isolating in Bristol, UK, since our young kid was a bit poorly. We have a 6 and 14-year-old boys. All fine now. 

We are lucky to be in the South West with a garden and trampoline, and a little ski lodge style studio to work in, round the back. Though it’s not easy while homeschooling the two. 

Still it's sunny and there is nature close by to walk in all alone. 

We are also Jewish, slightly neurotic artists and basically have been hoarding food and ready for a catastrophe in a strange way…which is in our DNA….so we have stocks of dry food from before this time. 

We also have a good sense of humour about it and are distracted by kids, art projects, work, and the odd existential meltdown.

We also just got a BFI short animation film funding the week of lockdown, so it’s a bittersweet time. We’re grateful to have this project and, of course, mainly to be safe and well.

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It's lockdown; aside from your family, which four people, past or present, would you most like to be quarantined with?


  • Tom Waits 
  • Charlie Mingus
  • Francis Bacon


  • Pina Bausch 
  • Frida Kahlo
  • David Attenborough

I think the mix of those six might make for a great lockdown party!! 

We need entertainment, what's your favourite short film?

Saul: Phil Mulloy's Cowboy series

Karni: Lynne Ramsay's Gasman and Andrea Arnold's Wasp.

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Phil Mulloy – Phil Mulloy - Thats nothin' - cowboys series

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Lynne Ramsay – Gasman

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Andrea Arnold – Wasp

You've completed Netflix. And Amazon Prime. And Disney+. It's on the hard stuff; board games. What do you pick and why?

Karni: Collaborative cooperative style ones. Bird and Bug Bingo. And Charades. I hate puzzles.

Saul: I loves puzzles. Chess, cards and Rummikub.

On a serious note, how do you think this situation will impact you individually, and the industry as a whole? 

We are thankful for the short film fund through the BFI. We will start to story board soon….and we have a few music videos (including working on an isolation dance music video for Micah P Hinson) and small commercials coming through.

Long term, we are super worried. We’ve had several jobs cancelled from the States already.

It’s hard enough to be left field creatives when the times are stable and good financially. Times like this throw a curveball at all your plans. And we need to rethink, seriously. Maybe even do some online workshops and such. More films.

Everyone is starting to panic around us; musicians, artists, and small businesses as well as directors.

Suddenly everyone is doing what we have done for years: staying home being self-sufficient and making work from a home-studio.

We might have a slight benefit in already working from home and being used to that set up. Also animation is something that’s possible these days. So that’s a plus too.

It’s weird, cos suddenly everyone is doing what we have done for years: staying home being self-sufficient and making work from a home-studio.

We’re hoping we all get to enjoy easier safer calmer days, with our kids back hugging their friends.

But maybe we could also put some thought into what our world can look like in a different model; more aware and less greedy. 

In the end, all is love.