Unsurprisingly for someone who started their filmmaking career in skate videos, Thomas Davis' selection of goodies for our Favourite Things series is pretty board-heavy.

That's not to say that the Essex-born Common People Films director doesn't know how to shoot non-skaters, as his work for respected artists and record labels like Beabadoobee, Tiana Major 9 and NOISY goes to show.

Amongst the items that inspires him, he cites a music video bible, some decks that mean a lot and a wall that you'd be proud to put a pint on.

The Beastie Boys Concert Film

As the world of LIVE music has been temporarily doomed, it’s only necessary to share one of my favourite DVDs.

Awesome I Fuckin’ Shot That, is the Beastie Boys' concert movie, from when they performed live at Madison Square Garden. 

It’s a personal favourite for me.

The Skateboard Collection

My Skateboard collection is something that I’ve built since I was young. 

One side of skateboarding that I have always been somewhat obsessed with is the artwork and graphics. 

I’ve got a handful of boards that I’ve just kept and never skated, just because they remind me of a particular moment in time.

It's like a memory from a trip or the person that had given it to me.

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The Beer Matt Wall

One cool thing I don’t normally talk about is the collection of beer matts on the wall of our Living Room. 

My housemate started it a while back and we’ve just been adding to it since. 

There are no duplicates and they're from all over the world. 

I think there’s around 300, and we’ve nearly filled the entire wall. There’s such a wide range of designs and colours. 

It’s pretty dope.

The Music Video Book

I really dig this book by Neil Feineman & Steve Reiss, The Visionary Art of the Music Video

I came across it as I first started indulging and finding my love for music videos.

It’s a super detailed exploration of the cultural impact of worldwide music videos, covering a huge wide range of directors from the likes of Spike Jonze and Michael Gondry. 

It’s great for finding some inspiration sometimes too. 

Loads of beaut printed stills and write-ups about sick old-school videos.

The Point & Shoot

One thing I always take with me wherever I go is this Olympus AF-10. 

It’s just great to throw around my neck. I usually shoot a couple of rolls of film a month. 

I love forgetting what I’ve taken photographs of. Whether that’s if I’m on set working, or out with my friends skating or in the pub. 

There’s always a cool moment to capture. 

It’s just more real than taking a photo on my iPhone.

The Tech Deck Dude

This one is quite dumb, but pretty dope. 

Again, I just like skateboard memorabilia. 

I picked this guy up in a bootfair like 5 years ago, still in the box. 

When I was super young as a kid, tech deck dudes were the craze. So I’ve always kept it at my desk, and probably won’t ever get rid of it.

I suppose it reminds me of a simpler time.