Production company Rocket Film is pleased to announce the addition of Joaquín Güiraldes to its director roster for exclusive commercial representation in the U.S.

Joaquín Güiraldes was born in Argentina and moved to the U.S. when he was twelve. There, he discovered his love for film while binge-watching old movies from his local library. Joaquín returned to Argentina to attend film school at the University of Buenos Aires where he received a degree in film and sound. He began his career editing at Argentina’s renowned Argentinacine and then went on to edit at David The Agency, where he developed a passion for directing. 

Joaquín’s background in editing and in the agency world influences his work, which is classic storytelling supported by a methodical planning process.

Says Rocket Owner/Managing Director, Sara Eolin, “Joaquin is exactly who you want on your team at trivia night if the topic is film…or futbol. He has the instincts of a classic filmmaker with the soul of a creative rebel. I love directors that started as editors as their storytelling is always tight and perfectly timed. The fact that he also ran in the creative hallways at David makes me know he’s truly ready for anything that comes at him.”

Rocket’s first produced project with Joaquín was for Purina with La Piz Chicago, and most recently, the latest work for Budweiser China with David The Agency in Miami. The 3 spot Budweiser campaign stars legendary Chinese pop star Eason Chan features Joaquín’s specialty of innovative camera work. Joaquín’s additional commercial clients include Netflix, FOX Sports, Purina, and TNT.

Says Joaquín, “I feel that my work is best when it’s a team effort! At Rocket, we are a team of directors and producers who share challenges, ideas, and experiences. Seeing that we all come from different production backgrounds, I hope to learn from my teammates and continue expanding my craft!”