Crisis UK – Impossible to Ignore

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This impactful new campaign for Crisis was conceived by adam&eveDDB and aims to make the problem of homelessness Impossible to Ignore this winter.

A towering sculpture of a street sleeper was erected this week at London's Kings Cross station as a visible testament to the hundreds of thousands of people currently without a home. 

The 4.3-metre-tall sculpture, created by hyper realism artist Sophie de Oliveria Barata, working with Creative Giants, was designed using AI face-mapping technology to combine the facial features of seventeen real people who have experienced homelessness.

After spending two days at Kings Cross, Alex was moved to the Birmingham Bullring where it will continue to raise awareness. The campaign is supported by a hero film, Impossible to Ignore, which was directed by Bjarke Underbjerg and produced by new-land.

The 4.3-metre-tall sculpture, Alex, was designed by artist Sophie de Oliveria Barata.

The campaign is based on the insight that the more homeless people we see, the less we really see them. This behaviour reinforces an all-too-common reaction as people choose to walk past rough sleepers, finding it uncomfortable to confront their situation.

Sitting at 2.5 tonnes and the height of a double-decker bus, the sculpture, named Alex, took 10 weeks to create. It is surrounded by QR codes leading visitors towards a website where they can read real stories of homelessness, as well as donate to the charity.

New research reveals that homelessness has increased 32 per cent since 2020 figures – driven by the cost-of-living crisis and the economic and social impacts of the pandemic.

It’s thought that 300,000 households could be made homeless next year.