Clarins – The Ad You Can Feel

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This nerve-wracking promo is not for the faint of heart, showing young men doing stunts and performing parkour jumps on the top of brutalist architecture without any kind of safety net. 

As young men jump around the top of very high buildings in The Ad You Can Feel, the camera follows back, a passive observer. These men take their life into their own hands, literally hanging by fingertips off the edge of the concrete. One of them even decides to roll around on a hoverboard, going inches from the edge. Filmed mostly on GoPros and selfie sticks, the deft editing of the footage allows the viewer to fully immerse themselves in the film, making for a tense and desperately jarring film. 

The absolutely insane stuntwork is the design of Proximity Russia (BBDO Group) for an ad about hand cream. It’s a wild concept, but at the end of the ad I was on the edge of my seat, and true to their intent, I was feeling it.