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The Sport Focus

Competitive activity in a post-Covid world; the industry speaks on a particularly unusual summer of sport.


Highlighting sport's inbetweeners

Dalia Burde of Avocados & Coconuts talks to Tim Cumming about stepping off sport's "well worn 'champion' path", the future of sports advertising, finding stories in the moments in between the action, and how those stories drive audience engagement.


Raising the bar

As ex-professional rugby players turned directors, brothers Michel and Nico Arribehaute have parlayed their sporting experience into stories of passion that transcend purely physical achievements. From Muay Thai to Irish football, Formula One to the Winter Olympics, their track record is enviable – and they’re now looking beyond the sports arena for new challenges.


Par for the cause: the rise of 'sportivism'

Brands have always sought to harness the godlike power of sports personalities but, these days, sporting partnerships are less about shifting product, more about pushing social change. From the rise of ‘sportivism’ to a new squad of TikTok influencers, Selena Schleh examines how -and why – the goalposts have moved.

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