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The New Talent Focus

Who are the rookie directors/producers/creatives who’ve been waiting in the wings to level-up ad-land? Where do you find them, how can we nurture them, and what fresh ideas will they bring?


Technology, talent & changing times; what lies ahead for new directors?

The democratisation of technology has ushered in a golden age of content creation as well as an explosion in aspiring directors. But just how easy is it to spot, nurture and help emerging talent succeed in 2024? Production companies, agency producers and directors’ reps talk to Selena Schleh about the road ahead for new directing talent.


Young agency producers: hopes and dreams of the next generation

Biscuit Filmworks and Electric Theatre Collective proudly hosted their tenth annual Young Producers Dinner at East London's Bistroteque last night [1 Feb]. shots joined in the revelry and chatted with guests to discuss their experiences of entering the industry and the potential challenges that lie ahead.


Meet the new romantics

Though they’ve worked in the industry for a decade, as VFX artist and designer respectively, Jay Stephen and Ralph Briscoe only launched themselves as directorial duo The Romantix a year ago. They got off to a good start – winning their first commercial pitch – two of Channel 4’s award-winning 2023 idents. Their inspiration? The night they first met, they tell Tim Cumming.


UNCANNY by name…

With their experimental, process-driven approach, director duo George Muncey and Elliott Elder – aka UNCANNY – are pushing the boundaries of traditional practices in film, design and photography to breaking point – and reshaping them into something strange and utterly compelling.


Prompt Engineers; the new wave of emerging talent

This month we've been talking about new talent; emerging creatives and directors honing their skills in order to find a place in the industry. But what if those skills are changing? What if there's a new job role that will supersede the more traditional advertising ones? The Moon Unit investigates...

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