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The Future Focus

What will tomorrow bring? Is creativity, or humanity, at risk from Artificial Intelligence? How will increasing eco-awareness impact consumerism? In a topsy-turvy world seeing fast-moving culture shifts, shots devotes two months to garnering insights from the soothsayers of ad-land on the shape of things to come.


Does AI mean all change?

Tim Cumming talks to a range of industry figures about how 'Artificial Intelligence' is impacting their work, their inspiration, their brands, their teams, and what it means for the future of advertising and human creativity itself.


Apple Vision Pro’s new world view

Apple has entered the world of headsets with its Vision Pro, and while it’s only available in the US, its implications for advertising and entertainment is potentially game changing. Tim Cumming talks to early adopters and gives it a spin at Imagination’s London lab.


Virtual sanity

Will Sansom explains why a reality check is needed to unlock the true magic of VR for brands.


​If you build it, they will come: why VP stages are all the rage

Full, 360-degree virtual production stages are now popping up around the planet, promising a new world of in-camera shooting, virtual location capture, and an end to green screen. But what’s the reality behind the projection? Tim Cumming asks a range of industry insiders.


Who will make the ads of the future... and will it even matter?

Comparing the glamorous adland of yesteryears with today’s ever-evolving landscape of AI, automation, ad-blockers and influencers, Christian Perrins, Head of Strategy, Waste Creative, wonders what kind of industry young people will inherit, and whether they will want to be a part of it.


Can authenticity shape the future of advertising?

Honor Society directors Cary & Jon share their strategies for giving audiences meaningful connections to the messages they consume.


The future of advertising is entertainment

Otis Bell, CEO of global production company OB42, explains how making content audiences want to watch is essential for ongoing engagement, and how building talent through different forms can only benefit the industry.


Get ahead of the game: Grand Theft Auto VI and the future of content creation

With its trailer alone amassing 184 million views, GTAVI is set to make a seismic impact in the gaming world and beyond. Delving into Rockstar Games' acquisition of immersive roleplaying realms, Seamus Masterson, ECD at Maverick Media, forecasts a shift towards in-game content creation, and offers advice for agencies keen to play in this digital space.

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