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The Comedy Focus

This year’s funniest focus features interviews, profiles and opinion pieces from advertising’s leading purveyors of hilarity. Have the world’s recent woes led to a loss of LOLs in marketing or is comedy even more crucial than before?


Guy Shelmerdine’s lasting laughs

From toilet humour to technical wizardry, SMUGGLER director Guy Shelmerdine’s versatile style and commitment to craft has produced some of the most laugh-out-loud spots of the past 20 years. He tells Selena Schleh about coaxing comic moments from celebrities and why his brand of humour is always evolving.


Laughing matters

Back in 2019, shots looked for the lols surrounding the issue of women in comedy advertising and was left unamused. Here, Tim Cumming chats to a range of women directors and producers to find out what’s changed, and what still needs to change.


Emma Parkinson's comic relief

After a stint in street casting and 'serious' directing, Blink's Emma Parkinson rediscovered her passion for making people laugh through film, and her Yarns-winning debut comedy Dishes Dishes Dishes shortly followed. She discusses the power of intimate humour, her love of uncomfortable eye contact, and the therapeutic reprieve of a relatable joke.


The kids are alright (and funnier than us)

Kids say - and do - the funniest things and many brands utilise that in their campaigns. But getting children to be funny and natural isn't always easy. Vincent Lin, Director & Co-Founder at Valiant Pictures, has experience in these matters and, here, shares some insight into getting the most out of young peoples' performances.


Thomas Ormonde; the surreal McCoy

After swapping animation for live-action MindsEye director Thomas Ormonde followed the funny and, after being inspired by surreal TV shows and other advertising eccentrics, now takes comedy seriously. He discusses the impact of being an only child and his love for the out-of-the-ordinary.


Kate Hollowell: A Few Of My Favourite Things

Epoch Films director Kate Hollowell compiles a self-made bestseller, a ridiculous chair and a pair of sad clowns into one of the most absurd eBay listings Favourite Things of all time...

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