Whisper it, but not all directors are signed to a production company. Some people... freelance. 

Some because they've yet to find the right home, more because certain territories don't operate with set rosters, others because they value the freedom of choice being a freelancer gives them.

For YDA Week 2021, we have brought together a panel of producers and directors who are able to give insight into the pros and cons of working both within and outside of the production company structure to find out what path might be best. 

YDA Week 2021: The F-Word Panel

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Daniel Bergmann, President of the Stink Group, Jeremy Goold, Founder of London's You Are Here Productions, Sara Dunlop, Partner and director at The Corner Shop London, and director Ian Pons Jewell discuss, among other things, how the industry has altered in terms of its approach to directors in recent years, whether a freelance director can ever receive the career guidance they need without a production company around them and how they think the production/directing model might change – if at all – over the next few years?

You can see the rest of the line-up, which includes panel talks on deepfake technology and an interview with Martin de Thurah, by clicking here.