Director Vincent René-Lortie is a breakthrough director to watch from Canada, whose films are uniquely visual experiences. 

René-Lortie has already won hearts & minds at D&AD Graphite Pencil: Best Direction for Simon Leoza - La Nuèe and UKMVA 2020 Best Choreography (Brittney Canda): Sheena Ko - Wrap Me Up for his mesmerising journeys, often with an unexpected twist.

His most recent Young Director Awards Gold: Video Art for dance short film Sit Still re-imagines how choreography can work in narratives. He navigates the inner emotions of seven year old Adeline, expressing herself purely through street dance Krump, replacing the traditional beat-centric style with an introspective score by Alaskan Tapes. We are forced to really listen to what she has to say. It is always a spellbound experience, where story, craft & choreography lie at the heart of every film.

Chia Tucker, Executive Producer, The Corner Shop UK said: “Vincent’s proven talent for spotting what makes a great idea and outright commitment to craft was a crucial draw. But above all, it is fundamentally how his films made me feel that sealed it. Visually translating emotions in the most physical way. I feel privileged to support him make even more extraordinary work”.

Vincent René-Lortie, Director, The Corner Shop said: "I am honored to join the wonderful family of The Corner Shop. All my discussions with Chia and Anna have proven that they are so committed to the craft of film, its artistry, and process. But above all, their human and honest values are felt through all their projects, which is really important to me. I feel that I am only at the beginning of my directorial career in the advertising world and I can't wait to be able to learn and create alongside their team".