For this week's Favourite Things, we're giving you a double dip with directing duo The Chads (aka Kiran Koshy and Christian Uka) taking us through the items that keep their creativity flowing.

Named 'The Chads' as a cheeky nod to the lack of diversity in the advertising and production world [the pair considering it 'the whitest name possible], car specialist Christian (who’s African American) and comedic director Kiran (who was born in India) were paired by Slash Dynamic MD Tanya Cohen.

Flourishing through their combined skill-sets, Kiran coming from an agency background as a creative director and Christian from a more technical / product / design standpoint, having been on the brand side, the pair have already put out eye-catching work for Nissan, Porsche and Infiniti.

Providing us with a handful of items each, Koshy and Uka's selection includes some prog-rock vinyl, a creepy good luck charm and a fetish for stationary.

Kiran Koshy

The Posters

I used to design concert posters and even had my own concert promotion company before getting into advertising. 

Understandably, I’m obsessed with concert posters from the 60s and 70s. 

I have a weakness for Milton Glaser and Gunther Kieser. 

A bulk of my collection lives in tubes as we’ve run out of wall space.

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The Vinyl

I’ve been an analog enthusiast and record collector for ages. 

I grew up listening to my dad’s tube amp so I’m really loving the Luxman Tube Integrated I just acquired…warmth I can feel in my bones. 

I’m usually listening to something by Rush

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The Mini Aussie

I’ve always wanted a dog. 

When I quit the agency side to direct and found myself working from home, a student of mine who lived on a farm in Mount Vernon TX, serendipitously posted Instagram pictures of a Mini Aussie litter they’d just had. 

I picked a tri-brown, because there was something about him that just touched my heart. 

My instincts proved right; Nigel’s perfect, and very much my muse. 

He’s already been in two of my commercials, and I’ve named my company after him. 

Yes, he has his own Insta account: @miniaussie.nigel

The Books

As a keen student of ad history, I own every CA Ad Annual from 1989, and treasure my D&AD Mastercraft trilogy. 

I had Bob Isherwood sign my Art Direction Book (he’s in it) when we worked together a few years ago. 

My favorite illustrator is the late Yan Nascimbene; I collect his books even if they’re in languages I can’t read. 

Another series I love is the MARCH trilogy of graphic novels about the Civil Rights Movement. 

The first book is signed by John Lewis, which is pretty cool.

The Supplies

I have a serious stationery fetish, especially for black felt tip pens and Uni Kuru Toga mechanical pencils. 

I usually do my own boards on a Rhodia dot pad. 

The solid teak paint box belonged to my grandfather who was a surgeon with the British Indian Army during WWII, and a prolific self-taught painter. 

I owe my artistic genes to him, so the box means a lot to me.

Christian Uka

The First Camera

After seeing me take iPhone photos for the first 5 years of our relationship, my wife decided that it was time I get a semi-professional camera. She asked my coworker what he recommended and bought me this little Fuji XT-10 for my birthday. 

This camera and I have been through hell and back, as you can see by the entire front fascia being ripped off.  

It doesn’t really work anymore, but I still keep it around as a token of my beginnings, as it was the camera that set me on a path of photography and directing.  

The Good Luck Charm

A friend of mine got me this Daruma doll several years ago. 

You color in the first eye and once the goal is met you color in the second. 

I colored in the first eye right before shooting my first commercial, and once it was ready to ship, I was thrilled to color in the second one. 

Now it’s said that to complete the ritual, you’re supposed to burn the Daruma doll after you color in the second eye. 

However, due to its sentimental value I never had the courage to do it, so it remains creepily on my desk. 

The Steed

I know it may seem odd, but this bike has been one of the greatest motivators that I have in the house.  

After breaking a lot of bones riding BMX for the last 15 years, I needed a safe way to be outside, get exercise, and still be a part of the bike community.  

I tend to hit bike paths or mountainous regions and prefer to leave my phone if possible. 

It’s great to just get away from civilization, no distractions, and just enjoy nature. 

It’s really just a good reset button so I can dive back into the chaos of phones, emails, laptops, and family. 

The Boy, Alejandro 

My wife is a huge component of my life and a huge contributor to my creative career, but the connection and motivation that I get from my son is different.  

Not really having had a strong father figure myself, I’ve strived to be a better husband, father, and role model for my son. 

Directing and photography for me isn’t just about the paycheck, the creative outlet, or the glamour, but about showing my son that you really can achieve whatever you want in life if you’re willing to make incredible sacrifices.