Severe travel disruption notwithstanding, you're likely back from Cannes, poring over neglected emails and attempting to summon the south of France sun gods (we'll gloss over all that freaky rain) to relive the Croisette dream.

Of course, it can't be done; Cannes is a fleeting moment in time, even if it sometimes feels like you've been there for weeks instead of days. But if you're having trouble recalling exactly what happened last week then we can help you out with a few hours of it because the photos and 360˚ videos from the legendary (if we do say so ourselves) shots Beach party are here.

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Click here to see the 360˚ videos.

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Above: A selection of images from last Thursday's shots Beach Party. 

Our Fear and Loathing on the Croisette-themed gathering mirrored the mad antics of the comic book, which was created especially for Cannes 2022 by Chris Baker and Joe Totti, and the amazing music courtesy of DJ Raven only fanned the festive flames further.

Our thanks goes to everyone who turned up last week and made the event what it was, it was a pleasure to see you all there. And, of course, the party couldn't have happened without our friends and sponsors at Magic, Moviebar, Felt Music, Milk & Honey, VGBND and Extreme Reach.

See you all next year!