The Shiny Awards shortlist screened to a full house at Havas Studios last Thursday.

New directors, reps, editors and producers enjoyed lively networking after the show, with the unsigned new directors in particular getting multiple invitations to meet for coffee.

The 5 popular winners are:

  • Anna Dobos and Susie Peng - I Thank My Mother For My Hair - self commissioned, London (Under-represented voice)
  • Devon Ferguson - Monster Jobs - competition, Vancouver
  • Sinan Sevinc - Innocence Project - student work FilmAkademie Baden-Württemberg, Berlin
  • Sebastien Whyte - Note to Self - Rambert Dance Company, London (Under-represented voice)
  • Logan Hendricks - adidas Sneaker Crossing 2.0 - Champs Sports, Los Angeles

As always Shiny applied diversity metrics to the shortlist selection, to promote a range of under-represented voices. Says Caroline Bottomley, MD “…it was great to so see people enjoying great work in the lovely atmosphere of Havas…”

Katie Keith, Global Head of Production for Havas Studios says “We’re very happy to support Shiny and all the wonderful work they do for new and under-represented talent. …”

Check out all the winners here.