There was an article doing the rounds on social recently that listed film and video editor as one of the ten most stressful jobs in the USA. 

Not just the film industry... REAL jobs as well!

I know a lot of people may dispute the editor’s high placement on this list, but it certainly can be a very intense experience at times, with tight deadlines, late nights and demanding clients all being the norm. 

Of course, the secret of any good editor is to remain serene in the face of insurmountable odds. 

Over the years I have acquired some things that act as a sort of security blanket to help me remain suitably swan-like through even the most challenging of projects...

The Tea

I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say that I am fanatical about tea. 

My particular brew of choice is Earl Grey, which is something I have inherited from my mother who has a rigorous tea brewing routine:

This isn’t always possible when you’re working to a tight deadline, and in these situations tea bags are acceptable, but there’s always time to brew your tea correctly - three minutes is just about perfect.

The Rubber Shoes

I was a late adopter of the Croc but once I slipped my feet into my first pair it was instant happiness. 

There’s a reason why they are much loved by kitchen staff and health care professionals the world over, they are simply the most comfortable footwear money can buy. 

I own multiple pairs now, in varying degrees of garishness, including a pair that have a permanent home in my edit suite at Final Cut. 

These are at the more professional end of the colour spectrum (black, with only one charm) so as not to offend anyone important.

The Snack

Over the years my snack of choice has been ridiculed by many. 

The humble rice cake, in many people's eyes, is bland, dry and unappetising. 

“What do you put on it?” I hear you ask.

“Nothing,” I reply. 

Dull, yes, but I can get through an entire packet of slightly salted Kallo (no other brand will do) rice cakes in a matter of minutes. 

These are never consumed in front of other people however as the smell is quite unfortunate.

The Inspirational Artwork

Many people are inspired by art, and I am no exception. 

This painting by my very good friend Matt House inspires me to eat a kebab. 

(Photo of artist at work).

The Brain Detox Machine

At the end of a hard day’s editing, it’s important to factor in a bit of me time to defragment the mind.

I find the TV is the quickest route to relaxation. 

I’ve heard it said we are in the golden age of television, and while shows like Succession, Happy Valley and Severance are undeniably excellent, my brain craves reality TV when it is overloaded.

The king of reality TV is, of course, the cultural milestone that is Come Dine With Me

Simply. The. Best.

This may sound like a sad little life* and that may be true, but I’m definitely not stressed.