What the most creative advertising idea you’ve seen recently?

I think Us of Academy did an incredible job on the latest ad for Oppo called Ingenious Factory. Fun and fresh creative that has a Gondry vibe about it.

I’d like to also mention this most weird and wonderful music promo, Salvatore Ganacci’s Horse, and an... errr... admirable environmental message to boot, too. This deserves way more exposure! 

Oppo – Ingenious Factory

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What website(s) do you use most regularly and why?

I get my daily dose of what’s going on from sites like shots, Motionographer, Vimeo, David Reviews, Instagram. I’ve also become wrapped up (slightly obsessed) in UK politics in this funny time we’re living in, so lots of news sites too.

What’s the most recent piece of tech that you’ve bought and why?

Most recent has to be the Teenage Engineering pocket microsampler. Admittedly a total impulse buy, but I love it to bits. I have lots of fun with this at home with the kids – very retro, tactile, and easy to make some nice beats. 

What product could you not live without?

My Kindle. 

What’s the best film you’ve seen over the last year?

I love so many films, this is really tough! I would have to say it’s a tie between Leave No Trace (completely snubbed by the Oscars!) and the not-so snubbed and beautiful film, Roma.

What film do you think everyone should have seen and why?

Gus Van Sant’s Elephant is a film which has stayed with me since I watched almost 10 years ago. It has an ethereal and poetic quality to it which is underpinned by an unsettling knowledge that it’s depicting the day of the Columbine shootings. I would recommend it because it provokes – it’s one of those films that gets you thinking and leaves your imagination to fill in the gaps.

What’s your preferred social media platform and why?

It’s all about Instagram for me. Such an amazing tool to discover new talent, photography and it’s got some sweet filters.

What’s your favourite TV show and why?

I can’t just give you one. That’s impossible!

For comedy it’s got to be Curb your Enthusiasm; hands down one of the best shows ever created, and the perfect and silly antidote to a hard day. Armando Iannucci’s The Thick of It is up there too; it looks (worryingly) more and more like a documentary about daily operations in the UK government. 

For drama, The Jinx is also one that has haunted me for years. And I’ve also recently re-watched HBO’s Chernobyl which has sent me down a path of reading all the information I can find on the subject. I recommend Midnight in Chernobyl if you need to know more, like I did. 

Studio Aka’s Hey Duggee is one of the funniest and well animated children’s series ever created. You don’t need kids to enjoy this show.

What’s your favourite podcast?

I’ve just started listening to The Worst Idea of All Time podcast, in which two NZ comedians, Tim Batt and Guy Montgomery, watch and review the same film every week for a year... the twist being the films they pick are stinkers! I’m on the first season which is a critical analysis of the film Grown Ups 2. Can’t wait to watch it once I’ve finished the podcast.

What show/exhibition has most inspired you recently?

I’m a huge Kubrick fan, so it has to be the Design Museum’s exhibition on Kubrick in London. 

What’s the most significant change you’ve witnessed in the industry since you started working in it?

This makes me sound so old now, but it’s got to be the advent of social media. It’s resulted in this explosion of additional content that needs to be created for campaigns but also it’s hugely broadened the talent pool, I feel. It’s quite amazing how easy it is to find amazing work on Instagram, find inspiration and collaborate with artists across the world on new projects. This is all good stuff. I welcome anything that helps showcase work and talent. 

If there was one thing you could change about the advertising industry, what would it be?

Hah! I’m not sure I’m qualified to answer this one! I’m a big believer in allowing the creative to lead - follow your gut instincts on an idea, and have that take precedent over market research and data. 

Who or what has most influenced your career and why?

That would be my uncle Jamie and his business partner (at the time), Brian Williams. When I was 15, they introduced me to the world of art and design. I immediately took a summer job as a runner at their company, Dynamo. They trained me up on the tools and I caught the bug. They gave me all the encouragement and help I needed to pursue it as a career and I never looked back. This industry needs some more of those kinds of people, willing to nurture, educate and grow new talent. 

Tell us one thing about yourself that most people won’t know.

I secretly (not so secretly anymore) love a good board game. I’d pick a board game over watching a TV series or movie or scrolling through Instagram any day. There’s a surprisingly huge and creative world of board games out there. In fact if anyone is still reading this and has kids - check out Beasts of Balance - a fantastic game which merges iPad/Android app with a balancing game and is infinitely more interactive and engaging than the likes of Fortnite, etc.