MilkPEP – Milk Shaming

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Actor, musician and producer Queen Latifah leads a crew of concerned celebs coming out in support of those who have been affected by 'milk shaming' in this fun spot for MilkPEP. 

Created by Gale Partners, the film feature sad tales of real milk drinkers being disgraced for their love of the popular cow juice. There are frat boy frolics with excess messy milk consumption, school moms shamed by chocolate milk contributions and a date that ends with dairy decision disaster.

The satirical PSA, which could almost be seen as an yeah yeah yeah yeah alt-milk shamer, ends with a call out to those affected by the issue to contact a spoof support organisation for milk drinkers of all ages. is a resource hub where those experiencing milk shaming can find support (and entertainment) through a like-minded community.

“If you are a milk shamer, shame on you - I bet you still enjoy cheese on your pizza,” says milk advocate Queen Latifah. “And if you have experienced milk shaming, there is a community for you. Whether you can give just 1%, 2%, or your whole self, the movement needs you to come out of the carton. Together, we can make milk shaming a thing of the past.”