Full service production company and award winning animation studio Laundry, with offices in LA, SF and NY has brought in Meagann Pallares as Executive Producer. 

With a wealth of experience, Pallares seamlessly blends her boots-on-the-ground live-action roots with years of post-production agency rapport. Her unique skill set positions her as a key player in navigating the diverse landscape of creative productions.

Bilingual and raised in Los Angeles production, Pallares specialises in spearheading scalable solutions for advertising opportunities while contributing a positive collaborative spirit to the creative community.

“Laundry has always challenged me as a Producer in the most beautiful, creative and elevated ways. With just about 7 years of freelancing for this team, I’m happy to make this a home sweet home.”

“Meagann has earned this role as an accomplished senior producer, her amazing handling and care with clients fits the laundry ethos to a tee. We are very excited to have her at the helm in LA.”, says James Sweigert, CEO/Managing Director of Laundry.

“We are so delighted to have Meagann on board in LA. Having collaborated together countless times over the years on some of our best and most high profile projects, Meagann brings a calm, collected, proactive expertise that fits perfectly into the Laundry way.” adds PJ Richardson, ECD Laundry & Co-founder.