kaboom is excited to welcome Maureen Butler, founder of Mo Butler Reps, for Midwest representation. 

Butler is a good listener, curator of talent, with a generous spirit, her passion for bringing people and ideas together makes her a respected and trusted film rep. Producers, directors, and creative teams are her tribe.

“I’ve known Mo for a long time, and - like so many in the industry - respect her immensely,” says kaboom founder/EP Lauren Schwartz. “Much in the way that I seek out talented directors who I like as people, Mo is lovely in addition to being super connected and incredibly dedicated to her work. I’m thrilled to have her in kaboom’s corner.”

“I have the utmost respect for Lauren Schwartz. She is a hands-on EP who understands the value of strong client services and has wonderful insight about production, agency needs, clients’ concerns  and of course, the directors,” notes Butler. 

“What she has created at kaboom is quite impressive. I’m excited about the roster Lauren has built over the years and am so excited and proud to be representing kaboom in the midwest.”

A Chicago native, who literally grew up visiting ad agencies as a teenager, then working at several herself, Maureen has developed strong intuition and instincts about the communication and connection between agency, client direct and production. After decades of nourishing relationships, Mo Butler Reps has created longstanding, successful partnerships on both sides.