O2 has teamed up with Island Records and the maker of Fornite, Epic Games, in a move that allows player inside Fornite Creative to explore London's famous music venue.

Created by VCCP London, the campaign also sees a collaboration with an up-and-coming UK act, easy life, to produce an exclusive music and gaming experience in-game which will see the band release their debut album live tonight [Thursday June 24] at 8:30pm GMT. 

O2, Fortnite & Easy Life

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Running for a week, the campaign will connect Fortnite’s global audience of millions with the world-renowned music venue. Inside Fortnite Creative, players will be able to enjoy an interactive musical experience alongside the chance to win exclusive rewards in the O2 Priority app, including tickets to future easy life shows at O2 venues for O2 customers.

The activation, which is accessible around the world, is the first time that the O2 has appeared in a video game, and easy life is the first UK act to play within Fortnite Creative. The in-game version of the O2 will allow players to engage in several gameplay experiences, enter a vast new space packed with hidden rooms to explore and give access to backstage areas and The O2 Blueroom, where they can complete challenges to unlock exclusive in-game rewards.

“When it came to recreating The O2 in a virtual space there really was only one platform that made the most sense," said VCCP Associate Creative Directors, Ben Hopkins and Morten Legarth. "Working with professional Fortnite creators - KKSlider, DolphinDom, Hellraiser and Team Cre8 - we set out to totally reimagine how shows work. We really couldn’t have done it without the trust of our client, O2, the support of Epic Games, and the shared vision of easy life, their production team and Island Records to help us create a seamless game and music performance experience for players.” 

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“Music was always a passion, along-side level design and we are absolutely thrilled to have been involved in a project that combines both,'' explained Wertandrew, Lead Community Creator at Team Cre8. "This is the first time that an experience features an iconic venue and interactive show, both built from the ground up by Fortnite creators for players and music fans all around the world to enjoy.”    

Built with Fortnite Creative players in mind the activation is not just a recreation of traditional live gigs but a full experience for users to interact with, unlock, and from which to collect in-game items. There is also a lobby track that players can unlock in-game, but only after attending the experience created by easy life and Fortnite that ties into the newly released Fortnite Season 7 Invasion.      

The performance starts Thursday, 24th June at 20:30 BST and will be an interactive show where players will be constantly on the move. There will be hoverboards and underwater cinemas and the band will play in the belly of a huge decaying whale. During the show, attendees will be transported to six unique areas, each inspired by a different track from ‘life’s a beach’, pulled straight from the imagination of easy life themselves. Fortnite’s global audience of millions will be able to access and enjoy the gig with friends until midnight, Sunday 27th. The full performance will be posted exclusively to easy life's YouTube channel from Monday, 28th June.

Above: UK act easy life will feature in Fortnite Creative, where they will release their debut album.