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The universal, a-political, borderless language of code is celebrated, along with the contribution that refugees can bring to society, in this geekily splendid project Behind the Source

Produced by Hecho Studios, the campaign features portraits, which are entirely built with code, of seven graduates from HackYourFuture, a not-for-profit program that offers tech training to refugees and others with limited access to education and the labour market.

The seven students found their vocation and voice through coding and are now helping to build some of the world’s most-used websites, such as eBay and Accenture. 

To access their stories the viewer is invited to, literally, go behind the source, as the portraits have been hidden in the source code of the online homepages of the companies where the graduates now work.

Just log onto the sites below and click ‘View Page Source’ to discover the portraits and individual experiences of each refugee.  

Accenture:  or