Few creatives highlight collaboration as prominently as + jacksonkarinja; a directing duo, combining the cinematography talent of Gareth Jackson and Mark Karinja. 

The “+” is a celebratory symbol, representing all the individuals it takes to make one of their films. It’s a unique moniker, strongly indicative of their approach to story and a philosophy that greatly compliments their recent signing with Curate Films

Their creative partnership is bolstered by their shared sense of movement. Having both been inspired by surfers and skaters, + jacksonkarinja brings a humanistic touch to each project. Intimate moments and calm scenes are elevated to transformative journeys, providing portraits of brands through real human connection. 

It is this subtle dawning of adventure and possibility that has led to work with impressive clients including, Apple, Converse, BMW, Starbucks and most recently, Can-Am. 

They are an exciting duo, bringing a poetic confidence to the field. Now at Curate, they bring a great new voice to the company’s roster.