Warburtons – GoodBagels

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Warburtons have brought in the big guns to promote their new line of bagels in the form of Hollywood heavyweight Robert De Niro, who reprises one of his most famous roles in an enjoyable Goodfellas spoof.

In the ad, helmed by Another Film Company's Declan Lowney, De Niro and his crew - Benny Slice, Tony Two Bagels and Jimmy Butterfingers – seek to muscle in on Warburton's reputation for the best bagels in Bolton, by hijacking the factory and replacing the product with their own GoodBagels brand. See what they did there?

Replete with groan-worthy puns - from a billboard ad bearing the line ‘Whack ‘em in the toaster' to the line ‘Ashes to ashes, crust to crust’, delivered while burying the competition - this is pure, unadulterated entertainment, just like they used to make 'em.