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We've probably all wished we could get out a little bit more over the past year, but Coronavirus seems to have put paid to that.

Thankfully, the pandemic's beery namesake has decided quite the opposite, and instead has created a YouTube documentary series - Free Range Humans - which explores the lives of individuals for whom walls aren't an option.

Originally conceived by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam and developed as a global entertainment platform by Pereira O’Dell, the seires marks the formal launch of Corona Studios, a new venture within the brand to provide high quality, consistent, and entertaining content to consumers.

“This is not just another travel series. With the events of this year, we know that people around the world are increasingly appreciative of the outside and pondering what an alternative life could look like. This series was developed to give new, first-hand inspiration on what that could look like once the lockdowns subside” said Felipe Ambra, Global Corona VP. “The people we are celebrating are an embodiment of the Corona lifestyle and we hope can serve as motivation for others to pursue a fulfilling life in and around the natural world when they are able to.” 

Free Range Humans season one features:

Bruna Bessa, a Brazilian public relations associate turned surf instructor and founder of Mare Alta, a women’s empowerment surf camp that hosts retreats around the world.
Juan Pablo Bueno, a Colombian biologist who built an eco-friendly resort in the jungle of La Macarena without disturbing a single tree.
Mario Rigby, a Canadian influencer who gave up a potential Olympic career to become a world traveler focused on breaking cultural perceptions by helping people discover new places and people around the world
Emily Penn, a Cambridge-trained architect turned ocean advocate from the UK who leads sailing expeditions to eradicate plastic from our oceans.

Jason deCaires Taylor, a UK artist who used his passion and talent to create underwater sculptures that become coral reefs and marine ecosystems.
Roushanna Gray, a South African sustainable coastal forager who educates students about the edible treasures that nature has to offer.
Zandile Ndhlovu, who broke through cultural barriers to become the first Black freediving instructor in South Africa.
Darci Liu, a dancer who became China’s first professional surfer, using her knowledge to inspire and change perception as a surf coach, eco-entrepreneur, and environmental advocate.