Retro seafront kiosks? Mirror selfies? Risibly sexist signs? As a first-time visitor to Cannes Lions - on a fly-by for the straight8 shootout screening - Forever director and photographer Chloe Sheppard looks at the festival through a less jaded lens...

Day One

Just arrived to where we were staying in Cannes, took a self portrait in our apartment mirror, wearing a very appropriate t-shirt for spending the rest of my night on the beach. 

Taken from the car on the drive from the airport. So many of the food cart places by the sea looked so retro, which I loved.

The beautiful view from our apartment.

After arriving, it wasn’t long before we went to eat dinner and explore the old town. Where we ate was where I saw this rather outdated (and not in a good way) sign, I laughed aloud so thought I should take a photo of it.

Another sign I loved. No clue what it means though.

This is where we stopped for food on the walk home at 3am, after partying on the beach for a few hours (which I was too busy enjoying to remember to snap photos of!) 

Day Two

After missing the sunset, I set my alarm for 5.30am (after only 1.5 hours sleep) to make sure I caught the sunrise.

Saw this in a supermarket on the walk in the morning. I loved the pink of the neon sign and the matching pink of the detergent.

A mural on the wall of a building we saw on our walk.

The whole reason we were here! Took this just before going into the [straight8] screening.

Sasha [Nixon, Forever founder/EP] in the cinema after the screening.

Straight from the screening to a pool party/BBQ. Lots of rosé, music and the perfect ending before heading home. 

One final airport self-portrait in Nice before flying home. Considering I was running on three hours' sleep, a fair amount of booze and nerves from the screening in the morning, it’s not too bad...