Like a Bird 

Like a Bird is Fariha Róisín's debut novel and explores trauma and healing, told through the spirit world. In a New York Times interview, she said, “I think there’s an anti-intellectualism to healing that I really want to reverse.” The book is provocative, magical, and freeing.

Air Forces

Air Forces is a beautiful new song from Mustafa, a Toronto-based musician and spoken-word artist. The track is built around a Sudanese tribal chant—a reference to his own heritage—and introduces us to his own style of “inner-city folk music.” The accompanying music video is an intimate portrait of his world: “ayuuto” (informal money pools), krutas with Air Force 1s and project buildings. Together, the effect is legitimately spiritual.


Floodlines is an eight-part podcast from The Atlantic, revisiting the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina and the Government’s failed response. Beautifully scored and sound designed, the incredible and expansive reporting borders on transcendent when listened to during the current pandemic. 


With Time, a documentary by Garrett Bradley, the filmmaker has created a beautiful love story, pulling together home footage captured over 21 years, as Sibil Fox Richardson fights for her husband’s life in prison. The film looks at mass incarceration and its far-reaching effects on family and freedom. An incredible feat.