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The Tech Focus

AI, web3, the metaverse and virtual production – the ongoing tech revolution seems to be evolving at an exponential rate. Are brands and marketers keeping up with the pace of change and the rising dominance of, and varieties within, the social scene? This month’s focus hears from industry experts and human chatbots about the finery of binary.


Is this the first ad generated entirely in AI?

Using GPT4, Midjourney, Runway Gen2, Eleven Labs, and SOUNDRAW, AI enthusiast PizzaLater managed to create a horrifying fake commercial for a pizza restaurant - Pepperoni Hug Spot - generated only from a few prompts. Surreal experiment or terrifying look at what's to come? Jamie Madge sat down with the creator to find out.


The age of AIsthetics

With what some are calling the fourth industrial revolution upon us (the first was steam/water power; the second, electricity; the third, computing) we tasked agency, production and strategy leaders to apply their genuine intelligence to issues around the artificial kind, asking them the following question: How do you think AI will impact creativity in the ad industry - positively and negatively - in the near future?


Why the children of the metaverse need a safe space

Generation Alpha is growing up with - and benefiting from - the metaverse as part of their daily lives. But, says Lucy McMullin, Strategy Director at EssenceMediacom, with these benefits also comes risk.


Ad Infinitum: will machine learning change the industry forever?

As AI and its capabilities drive everyone to distraction, Tim Cumming stamps on his shattered ChatbotGPT plugin to talk to studio heads across the creative spectrum to discover how and where it is already being used, and what could be in store.


AI is an opportunity to remind ourselves what creativity really is

Artificial intelligence is here to stay, but how scared should we be? Will computers take our jobs? Will technology render creative people obsolete? No chance, according to The Moon Unit, who, as we begin this month's Tech Focus, argue that there are two things which set human creativity apart which AI will never be able to replicate.

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