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The Purpose-Led & Politics Focus

This month we lobby the opinions of industry experts on advertising’s intersection with political and ethical debate. Are young creatives pushing a more purpose-led culture? Should campaigns be campaigning on the issues of the day? When does promotion become propaganda?


I’m a post-Barbie girl in a post-Barbie world… so what happens now?

This summer the world turned pink as Barbie cut a swathe through the cultural landscape and women everywhere rejoiced as a plastic toy celebrated feminism and overturned the patriarchy. But, reflecting in the more sober autumnal light, did that really happen, or were we all just victims of a fuchsia-coloured cult?


In transition: how brands can adapt to a changing gender landscape

Despite increasing queer visibility in advertising, transgender and non-binary representation remains a minefield for brands – with the Bud Light backlash a stark reminder of the risks of getting it wrong. Selena Schleh speaks to members and allies of the trans+ community about proper pronouns and performative versus true brand allyship.


Is it possible to work in advertising and have a conscience?

Would you work on a campaign for an arms company? Probably not. A tobacco company? No, it's illegal. At least it is in the UK, but how about elsewhere in the world? And what about fossil fuel? Or sugary drinks? Or alcohol? Moral decisions can sometimes be a maze of 'ifs and buts' and, as The Moon Unit outlines, while a moral framework is incredibly important, it's also fraught with dilemmas.

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