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The Post-Covid Focus

Though the coronavirus shows no signs of leaving us for good, the world has found new ways to adapt and keep turning. We speak to the industry to find out the lasting impact of an unprecedented period.


Life and work post Covid – agencies

In the first of two explorations of how the pandemic has affected the industry, Tim Cumming talks to agency heads and creatives about how changes wrought by Covid are re shaping and changing the way work is made and received, and how it has impacted the contract between brands, creatives and consumers.


Life and work post Covid – production and post

In the second of shots’ reflections on how the pandemic has impacted advertising, Tim Cumming talks to a range of industry figures about how Covid innovations have ushered in new ways of thinking – blurring the lines between production and post, and pushing many beyond their comfort zones, towards new creative solutions.


How Covid made space for more kindness in the industry

Kristen Bedard-Johnson, EP at Sanctuary Content, tells us how the pandemic saw off some of the bullishness that has plagued the industry.

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