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The Music & Sound Focus

From music video maestros and the commissioners who find them, to composers and audio engineers who love to delight our ears, take a deep dive into the world of sound.


Commission control; how promo commissioners see the music video world

Last year our contributing editor (and sometime commissioner), David Knight, spoke to some of his contemporaries about the state of the promo business and the role of the commissioner. This month, during our Music Video focus, we thought it a perfect time to revisit the insightful piece.


Reluctant superheroes take flight in new album artwork

Artist JAKe Detonator's collaboration with Chali 2na and Krafty Kuts for their new album has brought forth a superhero for a new musical age. Tim Cummins listens in as JAKe explains the concept and how a misheard lyric kicked it all off.


Jingles all the way: why adland’s past should be its future

In this month's column, inspired by the ear-wormery of a recent commercial, Amy Kean examines the aural effectiveness of the much maligned but highly infectious advertising jingle.

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