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The Automotive Focus

From the people putting vehicular stories on the screen to the tech that's changing how we engage with them, this month's in-depth Focus puts automotive in the driving seat.


On the road to success with Kit Lynch-Robinson

From sending three second hand Jaguars 'skiing' down a mountain to helping to launch the new Bentley Continental, automotive director Kit Lynch-Robinson isn’t afraid of navigating the industry at breakneck speed. Natalie Mortimer speaks to him about his career, creativity and the future of car ads.


Changing the face of automotive advertising

Spindle's Aldona Kwiatkowski has fused automotive commercials with a fashionable flare, notably with her work for Mercedes. David Knight talks to the Polish-born director about her 'melancholic mindset' and the necessity of the female gaze.


How BMW's The Hire ushered in a new era

Nearly 20 years ago a car campaign changed the playing field not just for the automotive sector but for advertising as a whole. Joel Meadows revisits BMW's The Hire to examine the tread marks it has left on the industry.


Can’t buy my love: Why it's time for a revolution in car marketing to women

Pink it, shrink it, or ignore them all together; it's 2019 but car marque’s still treat women as if they are a niche audience. Nicky Kemp, Managing Editor at BITE, asks why motoring is too often seen as a man's game.

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