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The Animation Focus

With toons on-trend during lockdown, now that live-action is back what is the state of the animation nation today? This focus draws on opinions and profiles of animation directors, producers and studios and looks at new trends and technologies in the medium.


Renee Zhan: the best of all worlds

Step into the work of Chinese-American filmmaker Renee Zhan, and find yourself entering an array of whimsical worlds – maybe slithering in the slimy depths of a black hole, or being serenaded by a choir of amorphous creepy crawlies. shots spoke to the multitalented animation director about blobby worms, Björk and being shy.


An animator's guide to the best CGI characters

shots spoke to a select posse of animation pros and asked them to choose their all-time favourite adland animated figures – resulting in a fascinating collection, ranging from romantic root veg, to potty peperami sticks and walking pylons.


The eyes have it: how animators open the window to the soul

shots speaks to artists from five top animation houses - Nexus Studios, Aardman, Psyop, Framestore, and Golden Wolf - to find out how peepers are perfected in all animated forms.


AI animation, art therapy and the importance of childlike creativity

Do you think the future looks bleak? As our lives advance - along with our technology - will we become less creative? Ari Kuschnir, Founder and Managing Partner at m ss ng p eces, thinks not. Instead, he embraces AI and what it can teach us and, along with his young daughter, celebrates the benefits of childlike creativity.

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