Al Etihad Credit Bureau – Majd and The Librarian

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Created by Serviceplan for El Etihad Credit Bureau, this charming animated film recalls old cel-animated classics. 

Echoing fables of ownership and borrowing, Majd and the Librarian follows a young boy as he returns to the library again and again, eager to take out more and more books. He always returns them, and slowly begins to gain the trust, and the fatherly affection of the librarian. But when the boy moves and his latest novel is lost in the shuffle, he never quite gets over the fact that he couldn’t return that book. The librarian never forgot either. 

Full of excellent character design and flawless animation, this ad spans a global audience by using gestural and musical cues rather than relying on dialogue. Hanzo films produced this cleverly told and beautifully executed film, with directors Esfandiar Haji and Shahriar Ghatre working with Vulturehead studio, who created the animation.