PlayStation 5 specs revealed

Nearly a year after Sony first began discussing its next-generation console, the company provided detailed information on the PlayStation 5’s system architecture in a dry technical presentation on Wednesday by Mark Cerny, lead system architect for both the PlayStation 4 and PS5.  As reported over at Polygon, the PS5 will offer hardware acceleration for real-time ray tracing via the same technology powering AMD’s upcoming PC graphics cards, Cerny said. Sony previously said the PS5 will support gaming in 4K resolution at up to 120 frames per second. And the console will be fully backward-compatible with PS4 games, although Sony has not yet provided details on how that will work. Cerny did say that Sony expects the PS5 will be able to run “almost all” of the 100 most popular PS4 games when the console launches later this year. And users can hook up a USB external hard drive to the PS5 and run PS4 games off of it.

Sony is planning to launch the PS5 in the 2020 holiday season, which is the same release window that Microsoft has given for the Xbox Series X.

Met Opera Streams

As cultural institutions, galleries, museums, movie theaters, and even bars and gyms shut down across New York City, many people found themselves at home when they would usually be out enjoying the City's nightlife. The Metropolitan Opera, recognizing a moment, announced that it would stream an opera every night for the next week, hoping to encourage people to stay home. The Gothamist reports that in addition to encouraging others to stay home, by making these beautiful pieces available and accessible for free they also hope to foster a new generation of opera fans. Streaming classics like Carmen, and more modern lyrics like Eugene Onegin, now is the perfect time to dive into some of the great performances of the last century.

Jumbo drinking session

As bleak new reports, drastic government mandates and no small amount of panic rides a corona-shaped wave across the globe in these unusual and troubling times, sometimes it seems like the only approach is to let it all go. Well, a herd of elephants in the Chinese village of Yunnan has done just that. As reported in the Evening Standard this week, the thirsty group of pachyderms decided that they'd had enough of the gloom and doom and fancied a night on the tiles with a few drinks. With the village on lock down, 14 elephants stole into the village and ended up drinking 30kg of corn wine, getting so drunk that they fell asleep in a nearby tea garden. At least they had easy access to a nice cuppa in the hangover-afflicted morning.

Let's stay in our houses, have a nice cold pint, and wait for this all to blow over

We're all holed up at home, which means celebs are going a little bit nuts. Some of them might be taking things a little too far (the both literally and figuratively tone-deaf Imagine cover by stars in their mansions comes to mind), but others, such as the ever-reliable Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, are giving the public what they want; namely a return to their characters from the much beloved Shaun Of The Dead. A tender throwback to the film AND an important message about staying in - how's that for a slice of fried gold?

The Plan

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