Creative production company We Are Royale (WAR) partnered with agency Innocean to create a pair of spots for the luxury auto brand Genesis and its latest fleet of premium urban SUVs: GV70 and GV80. 

Combining a motion design system with beautifully shot running footage, the ads celebrate the athletic elegance of the SUVs as they traverse cityscapes and snow.

Led by Chief Creative Officer Brien Holman, We Are Royale delivered two high-energy editorial spots infused with refreshed brand typography and pixel-sorting effects inspired by the Genesis logo. The pixel-sorting technique, Deployed as a visual device to build momentum, coalesces around signature design features of the GV70 and GV80 and the versatile environments they are capable of navigating.

“Genesis is pushing the boundaries of what luxury looks like in the SUV/Crossover space, and these spots are an homage to the design elegance driving the brand forward,” remarks Holman. “The collaboration provided a welcome opportunity for our studio to experiment with a motion language that reflects the design spirit of the Genesis brand and lay the foundation for what it will embody moving forward.”

WAR created different iterations of edits, experimenting with techniques and providing a sandbox for the animation team to explore further. Incorporating myriad angles of the SUVs, ranging from wide to macro to drone shots, the editorial team keyed in on shots that would interplay with the motion graphics, emphasising hero moments of the GV70 and GV80 in action. Additionally, the importance of music became a way to amplify the motion and dial in key messaging moments.

“In every phase of our process, we kept the focus on making the GV70 and GV80 the stars of the show, with graphic treatments that would enhance the footage, not dominate it,” concludes Holman. “As a result, we landed on a pair of dynamic edits that exude the energy and style that’s visceral to the Genesis brand