Director Carla Dauden grew up on a beautiful island in the South of Brazil. 

She came to the US when she was 18 to study film production and get her BA in Film and Electronic Arts. During her studies she started working on her own short films, which she was able to screen in major festivals around the world. Shortly after graduating, Carla made a piece about the social and political problems behind the organization of the 2014 World Cup. The video went viral, with over 5 million views, and turned her life upside-down. Carla was featured on mainstream channels and went on to shoot a feature documentary on the same subject, which she is currently finishing. Later on, this experience in the doc world led her to co-direct (alongside Annie Costner) the short documentary The Discarded, produced by Sound Off Films and released by Take Part.

Carla also worked as a writer and producer at Fullscreen Media, and later as a Creative Executive at Passage Pictures, a film production company based in Los Angeles. While working full-time, she continued to direct and build her reel, mainly working on music videos and branded content. In 2018, she was selected by NALIP's Latino Lens Incubator, through which she directed her short film The Jump. After that, she decided to dive deeper into commercials and since then she has worked with several clients including Google, Target, JCPenney, Disney, Sony Music International, Golden Road Brewery, among others. In 2020, Carla received an Emmy nomination for her Disney Team of Heroes campaign, which she created and directed.

Carla Dauden started getting really busy when the pandemic hit. She was offered a few jobs to remote direct during that time. She started remote directing a Microsoft commercial right at the beginning when everyone was still in shock. She went on to another Microsoft spot, from there she was working on a Target campaign, again it was remote directed and it was with the real families of 5 different DP’s in their houses to be very safe during Covid. She had to coordinate 5 different days of shooting in different cities with these DP’s and remotely direct them how to use the product and shoot themselves. “It was and still is a great learning experience”, Carla says about this time.

“I see my work as a reflection of my background, taste, imagination, and the references I gather in my everyday life. I was born in Brazil and have family all over the world – I’m 50% Spanish, 25% Czech, and 25% Brazilian with some Argentinian influence. I am lucky to say I was raised amidst the poetry of Bossa Nova, the drama of Tango, and the smell of Sunday Paellas, with a cultural background that amplified my references and made me always curious to learn more. I began drawing and painting at an early age and was always extremely particular about the look of things, which later made me very interested in cinematography. I left Brazil to live in the US when I was 18 years old and had to get out of my comfort zone very quickly, culturally, socially, and emotionally. In this process, I found my own voice and grew as a person and as an artist.”, Carla reflects on her journey so far.

Cordula Weisz, owner and Executive producer of Verve Media stumbled across Carla’s work and loved what she saw. They had a Skype call and hit it off right away. “Carla has a way of telling an emotional story in a raw and beautiful way. She has great talent and since we are trying to be very versatile in our signings we think Carla fits perfect into our roster by creating intimate stories and showcasing lifestyle in a natural vibrant way.”

She adds: “I’m especially proud to add a female talent to our roster”.

Carla Dauden joins the Verve roster and is very excited about the next steps in her work.