Film Studio Thunder Road Pictures and creative production studio Slash Dynamic announce their push into creating and producing branded entertainment in the motion picture, advertising and content spaces. 

Key to the strategy is the recent addition of award winning director Travis Hanour to the companies’ shared roster and the development of his feature film Porter, which will be the joint venture’s first film. The companies are poised to begin pitching brands to participate in brand integration and production of bespoke partner content for Porter and other Thunder Road-owned films, and other marketing opportunities outside of the traditional ad space.

“This is the sweet spot intersection of our combined capabilities, creating seamless and holistic ecosystems blending entertainment and marketing, for both short and long form strategies,” said Slash founder, Tanya Cohen.

“This has been the vision since we created the partnership in July,” said Thunder Road founder, Basil Iwanyk. “We’re excited to get working on our first joint project together. Travis is a gifted, versatile writer and director who came up as an ad agency creative director. If there’s anyone in Hollywood who’s ideally suited to help us get this off the ground, it’s him.” 

Among other brands, Hanour has helmed commercial projects for Nike, EA Sports, NFL, Jordan, Microsoft, Uniqlo, AMD, Intel, TaylorMade and Sonos.

Additionally, director Darrin Prescott will serve dual roles with Thunder Road and Slash Dynamic, now bringing his talent for thrill and action from film to the marketing space. 

“Darrin has created some of the most iconic, edge-of-your-seat action scenes in film history,” said Thunder Road partner Erica Lee. “He leaves nothing on the table and it’s a natural progression for him to move into Adland productions,” she said. Prescott is the noted second unit director of Baby Driver, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Black Widow, Captain America: Civil War, Deadpool 2, Drive, Ford v Ferrari, and the John Wick franchise. He also created Screen Actors Guild award-winning car chase work for The Bourne Ultimatum. Hanour will work closely with Slash’s executive creative directors Dave Hedeman and Steve Rice to develop brand integration first for Porter and then for other upcoming projects", explained Cohen.

“These guys all have ideal backgrounds to create something special. Dave and Steve came to us with major agency experience, most recently as executive creative directors at TBWA\Chiat\Day,” she said.

“They think like CMO’s, have worked on huge brand partnerships, and understand how to build marketing ecosystems where brands are integral to storytelling. That’s so critical to engaging and entertaining consumers.”

The move is part of a long-term plan to create a fresh structure in the ever-growing industry where the line between entertainment and marketing is often blurred or non-existent. “Consumers have grown to accept and even embrace that,” Cohen said. 

“But it’s tough to do well. You have to have the right brand partners, the right film properties and the right team to make it happen. Now we have it all.” 

She explained that the venture will allow Thunder Road and Slash Dynamic directors to move fluidly between features, branded content and commercials, creating limitless opportunities for brands to work with in-demand directors and properties.