In response to a growing demand for premium-quality and fully customisable trailer music spanning multiple genres, Transported Music Group has formed a new music library division, Transported Tracks. 

Daniel Berk, a film, television, commercial, and trailer composer for the past 15 years, alongside Eric Marks, a veteran in the game trailer industry and owner of Transported Audio, are spearheading the new venture within Transported Music Group, their newly formed music company.

This venture has resulted in several immediate placements in video game trailers, including Bethesda Software’s The Elder Scrolls Online: Journey to Necrom and Amazon Games’ Lost Ark: Wield the Storm and New World Season 2: Blood of the Sands Launch

Transported Tracks has quickly established a name for itself thanks to its rich catalogue of music and by being able to turn around specific track requests in an incredibly short amount of time, including trailer remixes of popular songs.  And their unique way of being able to customise existing library tracks offers a rare opportunity for infinite creative possibilities. 

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Above: Daniel Berk, Eric Marks

Though Transported Tracks began with a small group of composers, it has quickly grown to over sixty top trailer composers from around the globe, contributing to the rapidly growing library.

Commented Jacalyn DesJarlais, a composer for Transported Tracks, “From the moment I joined, Daniel went above and beyond to make me feel valued and supported as a composer.  Being a composer himself, he is uniquely tuned into our needs.  Daniel and Eric’s commitment to our team is evident in every personal interaction, and it creates a sense of community I have not found anywhere else.”

Added Berk, “It has been overwhelming to see the response, enthusiasm, and incredible work ethic from our amazing team of composers. My approach from the start, as a composer myself, was to build something special that fellow composers would be drawn to and excited to be a part of.”

Added Marks, “I’ve always been a big fan of trailer music, and it’s been incredible to grow this effort from the ground up with Daniel.  We’re offering something special that I know will continue to elevate game trailers as a medium for years to come.”