Corvette – At Home

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This completely charming and simple ad is a fantastic example of creativity in quarantine that feels real, authentic, and of-the-moment. 

Directed by Uros Arsenijevic, a toy car gets the full treatment as the camera pans over the model, grills, and tires. Spotlights turn on, highlighting every plastic angle before cutting suddenly to the car on a track, speeding down the apartment hallway, dolled up to look like some off-road track. The car zooms off a cliff...and then lands, safely, on a cushion. 

The comedy of At Home is spot on and very clever. Arsenijevic has balanced tongue-in-cheek humor and an earnest message, creating an ad that is both fun to watch and destined to go viral. The piece is short and sweet and doesn’t forget to make fun of itself, hitting the perfect self-aware note to keep everyone from feeling too overwhelmed by the newfound indoor ad industry.