The independent creative agency Sibling Films known for its work with brands like Nike, HPE, and Lexus, recently added Director Ashkan Memarian to its roster. 

“Ashkan’s directorial work forces you to feel something and is beautiful simultaneously,” says Sibling’s Managing Director Darren Foldes. “It’s a rare balance that is often strived for but rarely achieved at such a high level of excellence. He’s also a lovely human being who has quite simply found his “thing” and is doing exactly what he should be doing, directing. I selfishly love being around people like that and it’s an honor to be in his corner.”

Prior to joining Sibling, Memarian got his start in the industry working his way up from a production assistant to an editor, to then directing small local spots. Eventually, he went on to direct for Namesake Content, Saint Cloud and Holiday Films. Now, he joins Sibling Films beginning the next chapter in his burgeoning career.

Sibling is a perfect blend between present and future

“They have experience and pedigree but also the forward-thinking mentality to handle any job, big or small.” says Memarian.

Memarian brings to Sibling a uniquely crafted visual storytelling identity, one honed over many years, connecting consumers with both the emotional and uplifting thematic styles throughout his work. This has made him a favorite for some of the biggest brand names from Adobe, American Express, Ubisoft, to the non-profit Primary Children’s Hospital.

“I try to portray stories that feel genuine to me,'' says Memarian. “I’m not trying to make people cry or feel happy, rather I’m trying to make stories that connect with the viewer and resonate with how I make sense of the world.”

Memarian was born to immigrant parents of Iranian and El Salvadoran descent. He grew up in Southern California skateboarding, playing soccer, and drumming in a band. It wasn’t until attending college at BYU that he discovered his passion for filmmaking, eventually graduating from their acclaimed film program.

“Through my work, I’m striving to build a world that feels beautiful and distinct, but also grounded in the everyday,” Memarian adds.