Being Human in an AI World: Documentary Screening

10.00, Debussy Theatre, Palais I

It seems as though AI is going to be a hot topic in this year's festival, and this doc looks to be pretty interesting.

McCann Worldgroup and WIRED put a human face on artificial intelligence and highlight a successful model for marketing in a two-part documentary screening series. Part 1: The premiere of a new documentary film from WIRED -- Machine Learning: Living in the Age of A.I., directed by Chris Cannucciari and sponsored by McCann Worldgroup, examines the extraordinary ways in which people are interacting with A.I. in their daily lives. 

Part 2: The screening of a complementary story from McCann -- Being Human in an A.I. World, which discusses how marketers can leverage these technologies today. Produced in conjunction with Wired Brand Lab. 

The hosts aim to answer two key questions in the session: how is AI playing a meaningful role in people’s lives today, and why should marketers pay attention?

Do You Have a Second? Oops, Too Late

12.00, Debussy Theatre, Palais I

Should we be worried about shorter attention spans? Facebook now defines a video view as three seconds, and the Interactive Advertising Bureau a viewable impression when at least 50% of an ad appears on screen for more than one second. Perhaps we should be defining long-form content as anything over 15 seconds.

Join Andrew Robertson as he argues that this attention deficit demands ever greater creativity, highlights some of the techniques, and showcases brilliant work that’s six seconds or less. (By the way, that took eleven seconds to read...)

Questions this session will answer: How can you decide what to communicate in just a few seconds? How can you get the message across effectively and how to execute it brilliantly?

Reimagine Creativity Through Love and Humanity – JOHN LEGEND

4.00 pm, Lumiere Theatre, Palais I

Yes, it's an obligatory CELEBRITY one, but this talk sounds like it'll be full of heart. 

Join P&G Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard in a conversation about a genre-expanding creative partnership between P&G and John Legend – one of the most beloved artists and human beings of our time. This discussion will explore a wide range of creativity expressed through the humanity of love, music, activism and even comedy. You’ll hear insights into the exploration of multiple views of humanity – from being a parent, to experiences with racial bias, to finding solutions for social justice.

Immersive Technology is Reshaping the Storytelling Experience

4.00, Palais II Stage, Palais II

Be it AR or VR, immersion is a buzz-word in future facing content. This talk looks to explore that.

Nothing brings us together like a good film, show or game. Each allows us to connect over the joy of quality storytelling. But, as the entertainment industry evolves, so too does consumer expectation. Audiences want more than just an epic movie - they long for memorable experiences.

Framestore’s Mike McGee will explore the latest thinking at the intersection of immersive entertainment and storytelling, showcasing examples of how technologies like Magic Leap can add layers of engagement and connection. Whether it's the Niffler from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, or other world-famous series, technology allows consumers to experience epic entertainment and connect in ways never before possible, opening up a host of exciting new possibilities for brands and IP

Questions this session will answer: What elements make an immersive experience successful?