Don't make me angry," was what a soon-to-be incredibly angry Dr Bruce Banner would say, preceding the appearance of a green make-up clad Lou Ferrigno. "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

Late-70s cult TV shows aside, anger can sometimes ignite a passion and intensity which, when properly focussed, can lead to great things. In this new, regular feature Amy Kean talks to high-ranking members of the ad industry to ask what makes them angry and why everyone else should be angry about it too. 

shots Fired... with Melissa Robertson

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In the inaugural episode of shots Fired, Kean talks to Dark Horses CEO Melissa Robertson about the "lazy and unnecessarily loaded" gendering of titles and job descriptions. Kean plays devil's advocate as Robertson explains why it's something that infuriates her, and why a 'mumtrepreneur' is absolutely not a thing.