Outsider announce Sara Haag as the newest director to their evolving roster. 

Marking her first representation in the UK and The Netherlands, Haag brings with her a wealth of experience working across the Scandinavian market with her distinctive, offbeat style of comedy.

The label of Director is far too limiting for Haag, however. Her past is a glorious patchwork of creative output that  includes roles as a TV host, production company founder, TV-format inventor, and radio personality. 

Haag’s impeccable comic timing, keen eye for detail, and an innate talent for bringing characters to life is seen across all her work, from commercials for brands like Lotto, Arla, McDonalds and Eon, to  long form projects like the comedy series Toppen, Amazon’s first Nordic Original.

It’s no wonder Richard Packer and Simon Elborne, Managing Partners at Outsider, are so over the moon at having her on board. “Sara represents everything we love in an Outsider. She marches to her own creative beat while staying in tune with the zeitgeist. Exploring ideas with her and being a part of her creative process is surprising, refreshing and really fun. It’s about time such a maverick mind is unleashed on the London and Amsterdam scenes.”

The feeling is mutual and Haag had this to say on taking the plunge into the London production scene for the first time.  “It’s really hard to do things that are any good. That aren’t just “meh”. That make people feel and laugh and care. 97% of my work has involved comedy in some form. And to do comedy you need to work with people that you like. That inspires you to be funny because you enjoy it when they crack up and laugh. And film is impossible to do on your own, you need other people. 

And you need good ones! Creative, passionate, strong and kind. So I chose Outsider. And if you think that “Creative, passionate, strong, and kind” sounds like a super pretentious Tinder bio, you are absolutely right. But also just a little bit jealous? And what I mean is you need people who put the work in and who gets it. Outsider gets it. And I’m grateful to be onboard.”