YDA – Rosie Westhoff & Fiona Hardingham

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Dreampitch was the new category at the YDA this year, and we're honored to speak to the director-producer duo who won the shiniest Gold Screen out there...and did it in 100 words. 

For Dreampitch, the first pitching category entry at the YDA, Rosie Westhoff (director) and Fiona Hardingham (producer) teamed up to deliver a gleaming pitch to the judges this year. Based loosely on the novel How To Be Autistic by Charlotte Amelia Poe, their feature would follow an Autistic girl as she grows up and begins to figure out her dreams, her desires, and her gender and sexuality. 

Rosie and Fiona are finally out of embargo, and now they explain how they came to work with Charlotte, why its important this this piece be Autistic-led, and what the next steps are for getting How To Be out of the pitch deck and in front of the camera.