What's the song you've listened to most during this isolation? 

I’ve cycled through the latest Kevin Garrett album, Made Up For Lost Time, quite a bit. It’s just well-crafted and solid from beginning to end. 

What track always gets you on the dance floor? 

Robyn's Dancing On My Own, hands down. The emotion, melody and rhythm are fantastic. As soon as I hear the intro of beating synths, I’m screaming for the dance floor. We have all been there, girl, now let’s go dance out these emotions. So cathartic.

What's your 'guilty pleasure' track? 

I don’t know if I have one guilty pleasure track, but I do have a soft spot for certain metal genres. Give me some Dillinger Escape Plan or old Metallica [below] any day. 

What song always makes you turn off the stereo when it comes on?  

I’ll pretty much listen to most things but if Chris Brown comes on, I’m likely to shut it off.

We can't go out right now, but when we're finally allowed to head out for a night on the town, what track will you listen to while you're getting ready? 

This is a tough one. It would really depend on what the agenda is for the night. A safe bet would be 90s/2000s hip-hop/R&B/pop that serves me dance-inducing attitude like Prince or Janet Jackson. If I’m going with current music, maybe Chromeo or MØ. I can’t pick just one song!

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